Friday, September 5, 2008

New nightspot opens

There's an 8,000-square-foot megaclub hiding in the industrial area of uptown's Fourth Ward.

The Garden & Gun Club opens tonight in the N.C. Music Factory, but I got a sneak peak at the venue last night during its friends and family party.

Owners Andy Kastanas (of Forum, Alley Cat and Cosmos fame) and Jim McKinney have kept the look of the club simple. Decor is minimal, not flashy. Instead it's the sound system that really packs the punch.

"It's not New York, it's not South Beach, it's just a place to come and dance and hear good house music," Kastanas told me last night.

Kastanas and McKinney have worked to make the club as unpretentious as possible. Staff members were welcoming and friendly, and there's no VIP line, so don't expect to wait behind a velvet rope to get in.

It's a refreshing change from other spots opening in Charlotte that are trying hard to be as big city and exclusive as possible.

The club says it welcomes people of all ages, races and sexual preferences. And, while not calling itself a gay club, groups of gay men were a common sight last night. I've always maintained through my extensive party research that gay clubs are the best places to dance. Best music and women don't have to be worried about the creepy approach-from-behind technique so many straight guys use at clubs.

I'll have a full review of G&G next Friday in CLT.

And, to read my review of the newly renovated Sunset Club, click here.


Anonymous said...

Creepy approach from behind technique used by creepy straight guys? Well maybe you'd like to try to have a baby without sperm then? What a sexist, misandrist thing to say. Maybe you are just in the wrong clubs. You imply that all men do this and I don't.

Anonymous said...

It will be open 2 weeks, tops..

Anonymous said...

It should be noted the name "Garden & Gun Club" was ripped off from a notorious Gay nightclub in Charleston SC in the 70s & 80s. Weak.

There sure are alot of gay goings on over at the Music Factory site. Will there be any places for us straight people to go or is it going to be Charlotte's new Rainbow Row?

Anonymous said...

it's funny how anonymous knows about a gay club in charleston in the 70's and 80's and then comments that he/she is straight. The G & G Club is a place for people who like house music whether they are straight or gay. People who follow house music typically have an open mind. Obviously, a previous commentor doesn't.

Stephanie said...

I must say am I glad to see the entrepeures continue to invest into uptown however; I am disappointed with the lack of their interest in opening a true urban/hip-hop/r&b club. Why be afraid to launch this type of venue, please don’t let the likes of MTV and BET bamboozle you into the stereotypes. All of these clubs (i.e..Forum, Suite, Alley Cat, Cosmo, Sunset Club, Loft 1523, HOM) have one targeted audience and they continue to miss opportunities to capture another large market share in Charlotte. It is really starting to suck to see the lack of diversity in our clubs. I mean you all are not going to stay profitable going after one audience. If you need help on trying to attract an audience, ask Mike Kitchens, Inner Circle or the Six Figure Entertainment group.