Friday, August 8, 2008

New restaurant opens in Southend

I stopped by the new 1300 Southend Tavern last night.

It opened Sunday in the old Original Pancake House location on South Boulevard.

There weren't a whole lot of people there when I stopped in for dinner, but I don't think people realize it's open.

The restaurant bears no remnants of OPH. Sleek dark hardwood floors, track lighting and exposed ceilings accent the open, airy space. A TouchTunes jukebox sits along one wall, but no one was taking advantage of it last night -- instead we listened to soft rock played at such a low volume you could easily eavesdrop on the conversations at nearby tables. (I like somewhere in the middle -- not blasting so you have to shout, but loud enough that I can talk freely above a whisper.)

It has the potential to be a good sports bar -- eight large flat-screen TVs are well-placed throughout the restaurant, there's plenty of seating from the regular tables and high tops to the stools around the large bar.

The food is standard bar fare with a Southern-heavy theme -- think fried green tomatoes, spicy pimento dip, ribs, corndogs, and shrimp and grits -- plus the usual burgers, fries and pasta dishes.

I'll be interested to see what the crowd is like in a month or two, and on a Friday or Saturday. Not sure if they'll be successful in that location -- the parking situation is less than ideal and they have the competition of the wildly popular Nikko just a building away, but it could draw a crowd looking for a more casual option in the area.


Anonymous said...

always open to try a new good bar, it has to be better than anything at epicenter

Anonymous said...

Horrible location - that's what killed Nirchi's pizza years ago - great pizza but you could never find a place to park.

Anonymous said...

Next weeks closes in southend.

Anonymous said...

Great Service, charming staff that really tries to keep its customers happy.
Needs to find its identity, I think sports bar theme might work, great TVs throughout.
Lacks feeling/atmosphere. Right now it kind of seems like a ship lost at sea. I hope they find there way somehow.

Anonymous said...

Staff Very friendly. They truly try to keep customers happy.
Needs to find an identity. Sports theme might work, they have great TVs.
Right now it kind of feels like a ship lost at sea. I hope for their sake they find their way soon. It will be an up hill climb due to the location.

Anonymous said...

You all are so negative. Give the place a chance. Geez!

Anonymous said...

Wow...Nirchi's...I've always wondered if anyone else remembered that place and missed it as much as I did. Anyone have any information on that? Any chance they moved to a different location? Under a different name? The place I worked did its darndest to keep them in business...we went there almost every day for months, then it was gone...

Anonymous said...

Good food. Well above average for bar fare, I would say. But the place is missing that little something. It doesn't seem quite finished. It's a 2 minute walk for me so I will be back often to see how things are developing. I wish the owners the best - they seem like great folks.

Anonymous said...

No parking? Are you kidding me? Beazer Homes is long gone from Charlotte, leaving approx. 100 free parking spaces all the time in the direct rear of the Factory South building (the building 1300 is in). As well as having Tavern on the Tracks, Gin Mill, and Amos's right down the block on Bland Street.

I haven't been to 1300 yet but I have had several friends go and they think it has potential. I'm sure if the owners (who I am told are very nice and open to suggestions) run the right promotion to get people familiar then they will generate some solid traffic and regulars.

Anonymous said...

About a block from the Bland Street Station. They just need to place a sign, or advertise on the trains.

Betta Grill

I hope 1300 can hold on

Anonymous said...

Mmmm! Nirchi's pizza....good!

Ricky Squash said...

I think they're good-to-go as long as they can hold out until the C apartments are finished. 1000 customers will be living right next door.

I ate there last week and the wings were delish.

Anonymous said...

The food was amazing. I met the chef (awesome dready guy) who seems to have his stuff together. I loved the ribs & stuffed chicken dish. The hostess left much to be desired-as did the rest of the "management" team. (She was rude to another couple near us). They don't seem like they know what they're doing. Maybe I'll just get take out so I can have the food but skip the service.