Monday, November 3, 2008

Opening soon: The Wine Loft

Stopped into the new Five Guys on South Boulevard for lunch today (yum!) and popped my head into The Wine Loft next door.

It's not open yet, but it looks like it has potential to be a pretty space.

The owners tell me the wine bar is tentatively scheduled to open Friday and will serve small plates of food.

The new location is part of a nationwide effort to open 23 franchises by the end of 2008.

Any one been to a Wine Loft before? What'd you think?


lofty lofterson said...

Why the obsession with the word "loft" these days?

Anonymous said...

Posh concept with great food (large portions), extensive wine list, good tunes, and an attentive staff. Website sheds a lot of "light" on them:

We frequent the 2 in Baton Rouge, LA. when there for vacay.

Anonymous said...

Could the anonymous "comments" that are clearly posted by the restaurant's owner/manager on this blog be any more obvious? Nov 3 - 8:52pm is just blatant.

Anonymous said...

Great location!! I've been saying for a while someone should open a "wine vault" type place (similar to the one in university) in either southend or uptown. Can't wait to check it out!
Speaking of southend..... any plans for the old southend brewery yet??