Monday, November 3, 2008

Freaky Friday

Area bars got a financial boost this weekend with this year's Halloween falling on a Friday.

There were so many parties to choose from, it felt like New Year's Eve instead of Oct. 31 -- and it seemed as though all of Charlotte ventured to the local haunts.

I decided to start with the biggest party of the night: CarnEVIL at Amos' Southend.

Highlights included a taser station that resembled some sort of medieval torture device, a man on stage dressed in a sequinned spandex body suit complete with a bedazzled penis (there's really no other way to describe it) and some really great, gory makeup jobs.

I would have loved to stay longer to see things get really freaky, but duty called and I headed to my next stop -- though not before seeing my favorite costumes of the night: Laser Cats.

Over at the Monster Mash at Cans, the Guys with Ties were packing folks in. The guys tell me the party raised about $10,000 for the Bethlehem Center.

I haven't been to Cans in months, and was immediately reminded why within minutes of walking in: I was knocked down the stairs by a drunk, elbowed in the face by a guy swigging his beer and jammed in the back by a staff member carrying cases of beer. No one told me this job was so dangerous. (Maybe because I was dressed as Sarah Palin? Just a theory.)

Michael Phelps and his Olympic relay team were a popular costume for men brave enough to wear Speedos in the October chill. And it wouldn't be Halloween without some girls in slutty costumes dancing like strippers. Most common one I saw: The sexy cop uniform. Ladies, let's get creative next year, please?

Runner-up for best costume goes to the couple who dressed as contestants on Nickelodeon's Double Dare -- talk about a blast from the past.

My last stop was Forum, where again I fought my way through wall-to-wall bodies just to get inside. It must be said that on Halloween, you better be buzzed before you even go out just so you can tolerate the crowds. But once you're out, it's fun to see everyone dressed up and having a good time -- is it just me or does everyone seem to be a little friendlier on Halloween? Costumes are the best conversation starter.

But enough about my weekend. How did you guys spend Halloween? Best costume you saw?

For lots more Halloween photos, go here and here. Happy clicking!


Anonymous said...

I came to our office Halloween party dressed as the "falling economy." I wore a homemade red arrow on my chest pointing down, carried worthless "Walk-Over-Ya" stock certificate, fell down constantly, and since the economy is losing money out the ass, I also had dollar bills stapled to my butt. I won best costume! I spent the evening passing out candy to the neighborhood kids, which is also a lot of fun in itself.

Whyte said...

I agree people so seem friendlier. I was unable to go out that night, but Thursday had some fun costumes at Blackfin and Saturday the parties continued. I used to like Cans and I know they have had some turnover, but the place can still be good, not a lot on this side of uptown. I just wish they would do a real cleaning/fixing of their tables.

Oh and gotta ask, so is the baby her kids upcoming baby?

Sarah Aarthun said...


The baby is supposed to be Sarah Palin's youngest child Trig, who was born in April.

My friend dressed as her pregnant daughter.

Whytewulf said...

I forget she just had a kid too. Guess it's Alaska, outside of hunting, maybe not a lot to do up there but breed. :) Nice team up on costumes, always the best route. I saw some mind boggling costumes this year, in the fact they were not so very PG, and I don't meet the sexy nurse/cop/witch outfits. I am curious to see what next year brings out, Saturday Halloweens seem to bring out the best/worst.

C said...

I went to Sunset and Forum. Sunset was more laid back (less people) and Forum was insane. I haven't seen it that packed since Suite opened and took half their business. I drove by Cans around 10:30 and there was a line forming so I'm sure it was ridiculous in there. Seems like everywhere was packed that night. I just wish every weekend was like that. Best costume I saw was two guys dressed like the cop from Reno 911, the one who wears the really short shorts. Not very sexy, but made me stop and LMAO.

Anonymous said...

i was in cans and the tables have been fixed/cleaned- definitely needed to be done. good crowd, cool staff, seems like a more sophisticated approach.