Friday, February 13, 2009

Bourbon Street on Tryon Street

Mardi Gras was a decidedly more classy affair as Fat Tuesday fell on a Thursday this year.

The eighth annual Beads for Needs party was held last night at the Wachovia Atrium, raising funds for Pat's Place Child Advocacy Center, an organization dedicated to the needs of sexually abused children.

Despite the New Orleans theme of the party, no one treated the Wachovia building like Bourbon Street. In fact, the craziest things got was when the band, Liquid Pleasure, started playing the Electric Slide and there was a bum rush to the dance floor.

Instead, the crowd (seemingly more sparse -- and tamer, from what I hear -- than in past years) was content to sample the food (including pulled pork from Mert's, organic eats from Blynk, lobster ravioli from City Tavern, pizza from Libretto's, wraps from BB&M) and mingle with fellow young professionals.

Also a big hit: the (free!) photo booth and a green screen photo area where you could have your photo printed on the Mardi Gras-themed background of your choice.

If you went to the Red Hot Turkey Bash in November, the setup was eerily similar -- minus the giant Christmas tree. It's a format that works though -- open bar, free food and a Motown-style band to get those hips moving.


Anonymous said...

You overlooked mentioning the best food served last night. It was from Brixx Catering. They served a delicious spinich and artichoke dip and a scrumptious blackened chicken penne pasta.

Anonymous said...

The electric slide?? in a bank building lobby?


Anonymous said...

Just be thankful they didn't play "The Cha Cha Slide". "Dancing" for people who can't do the Macarena.

Anonymous said...

If it's like the Turkey Bash, then they served bud/bud light and crappy wine. Gross. Not worth it.

Anonymous said...

Now I wish I had gone. I saw Liquid Pleasure at a fraternity party in '89 (yes, i am old). What a night!! One of my favorite bands in college.

Anonymous said...

actually, the wine was decent and it was worth it because all the money went to CHILDREN.

you have to be kidding about Brixx - the pasta from had no flavor - the best food there was clearly Bedder Bedder & Moore who had homemade soups and the best chicken salad that I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

Someone wasn't happy that their restaurant didn't get mentioned in the article!

Anonymous said...

Being from Louisiana, I think that the organizers could have done a better job with their food and entertainment selections. A classy New Orleans style affair would have included an actual jazz band, and Creole cuisine. Pizza and chicken salad? Please!