Thursday, February 26, 2009

CIAA parties ramp up today

Any veteran to CIAA week knows that the parties don't start in earnest until Thursday and culminate with a full 24 hours of party possibilities on Saturday. But, for local Charlotte CIAA supporters, things were already heating up last night.

I kept my party agenda short last night to rest my body for the craziness that is to come, hitting the CI Edition of PopLife at Apostrophe Lounge and the WarmUP party at Rustic Martini hosted by the Sigmas of Charlotte.

At PopLife, the professional, mostly local crowd was all about networking and discussing the excitement the CIAA Tournament brings to the city. But there was also a change in tone this year with the economy on everyone's mind.

Ebony Hagler, a longtime Charlotte resident and alumna of South Carolina State University ("It's in the MEAC," she sheepishly told me. "We have our tournament next weekend."), has carefully planned her party agenda around her budget. She'll be hitting such low-cost parties tonight as the free Phrozen Hour at Picasso's uptown and the Recession CI Jumpoff at Amos' Southend (just $10).

And what about the buzz around Mary J. Blige's appearance at a Saturday finale party?

"It's $50!" said Hagler, who has cut down on her nightlife the past month to save up for this weekend. "I need my drinking money."

And while Mary J. is sure to draw a big crowd, other promoters may find that their steep ticket prices don't fly this year.

Over at the Sigmas party, the dance floor was just filling up at 11 p.m. as the DJ played all the favorites: "Single Ladies," "Put Your Hands Up," and "The Choice is Yours." Sigmas reunited with fellow alums and posed for photos.

On tonight's agenda: Phrozen Hour, Fire & Ice, Pink Groove, Heaven @ Blue and the World Tour Party.

Where will you guys be partying?


Harris said...

Far away from downtown.

Anonymous said...

The Phrozen Hour, you can't beat free and then Fire & Ice. Close enough to downtown without the hassle or parking expense.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and love it! Esp. for CI time to get a full list (even though it doesn't seem updated with the last parties that have been added to the roster).

@ "other promoters may find that their steep ticket prices don't fly this year"

I must agree....this is the year of 'free before XXXX' events more than ever!!

Anonymous said...

The Prozen Hour and then Heaven at Blue. Saturday the DAY Party @ HOM is the place to be. Those Pinkies Up Productions ladies are soooooo fine, the fellas with The A List know how to promote.

Anonymous said...

What Harris said. Staying faaaaar away from Uptown this weekend!!