Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grand openings galore

After a quiet winter, spring is bringing out some new spots to party.
  • Soul Gastrolounge, the much-anticipated Plaza-Midwood hangout, officially opens to the public tomorrow at 5 p.m. The music- and food-focused lounge is the brainchild of Charlotte nightlife pioneer Andy Kastanas and James Fedele. Don't miss the views of uptown from the upstairs balcony.
  • Cosmos Cafe (also part of the Kastanas brand) is opening a second location in Ballantyne tomorrow at 8420 Rea Road. I'm stopping in for its Friends & Family party tonight and will post a review tomorrow.
  • Uptown's Therapy Cafe is set to reopen late this month after undergoing a significant expansion. I'll keep you updated on the grand reopening party details.
  • Brazwell's on Montford Drive (aka the old Press Box) opened last week.
  • If you've been to Alive After Five at EpiCentre, you've already seen the new open-air rooftop bar, Penthouse. The casual hangout, in conjunction with the Pavilion, will host such upcoming events as Martini Fest (May 12), SpeedCentre later this month and a Fourth of July celebration.
  • Crave Dessert Bar opened uptown (behind Cans) in late March and now that it has all the kinks worked out, it's celebrating with a grand opening party Friday starting at 6 p.m.
  • D'Vine Wine Cafe opened last month in Ballantyne Village. Highlights include a full service cafe, private tasting room and retail wine shop.
Also on the horizon:
  • Luna Lounge (from the people who brought you Sunset Club and KISS Lounge) in the old Coyote Ugly spot on College Street. Opening TBA.
  • Enso, an upscale Asian bistro and sushi bar, at the EpiCentre. Opening TBA.
  • N.C. Music Factory is gearing up for a big spring/summer concert season with the opening of its boutique outdoor amphitheater and its Fillmore music venue.


Anonymous said...

Coyote Ugly? How long did that fad last. What will this yuppie bankers do now that they cannot dfrink Tequila out of a bellybutton

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ May 5, 2009 3:21 PM - Obviously you've never been there in that the crowd that actually hung out there was far from yuppie bankers. Get your facts straight. I went there 2x or 3x and it's not something the uptown scene will actually miss. Can't wait for the NC Music Factory!!

tone luc said...

Is this like C & C Music Factory..i hope so!

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is the Soul Lounge?

Sarah Aarthun said...

Anon 4:11 -- Soul is on the corner of Central and Pecan in Plaza Midwood (where Lotus used to be, if you know it)

Anonymous said...

I wish Bar Charlotte would shut down or move to downtown Gastonia where it belongs. Downtown Gastonia could use some action anyways...

Anonymous said...

Are these places actually going to be crowded and lively? Everytime I go out in Charlotte, whether it is Uptown or in Plaza Midwood or anywhere else, it empties out by 11pm. Everything is just dead or the crowd is lame.

Does this city have a curfew or what? Where do all the young (people in their 20's) professionals hang out? Any laidback places? I tried Thomas Street Tavern on a Friday night and it was pretty lame. I went to the South End block party after the Art Festival and there was like 30-40 people there. Pathetic.

I'm very disappointed in the nightlife. There are lots of cool places but where are all the people at???

Sara C. said...

How was the new Cosmos? We just moved to that side of town and are excited that there is a closer location now. We used to have a blast downtown.