Friday, May 29, 2009

Ri Ra owners anxious to reopen

Less than a week after a fire caused about $1 million in damage at Ri Ra, its owners are working hard to repair the Irish pub and reopen as soon as possible.

"Fortunately nobody was hurt and once over the initial shock, we were happy to realize that the beautiful, original 19th century Victorian Dublin bar in the middle of the pub was undamaged in the fire," owner David Kelly told me Thursday.

He and his co-owner Ciaran Sheehan plan to restore the pub to exactly as it was before the accident.

They're hoping it -- along with the popular sandwich bar on Hearst Plaza -- will reopen later this summer.

For updates on the bar's grand reopening party, follow Ri Ra on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness something is left of the bar! We were there having a beer the afternoon before the fire, and fortunately my friend was taking lots of pics in there. I hope they re-open quickly. Uptown wouldn't be the same without Ri Ra! And I hope they make it a nonsmoking bar before they have to in January and fire the numbskull who threw the cigarette in the trash can that caused this mess.

Anonymous said...

Should not be a problem with funds for the rebuild since Red Bull Vodkas cost $10.00 a drink. What a rip off!!

Anonymous said...


Most bars uptown sport $8 to $14 drinks.Or go to the different bars websites and find out their drink specials and which nights. All places have specials Mon-Thur and some have them even on Fri. I guess Sat. you will just have to suck it up and spend the $10 or party outside of uptown.