Friday, May 9, 2008

Chris and Rihanna make love connection

If there was any question about the relationship status of Rihanna and Chris Brown, those rumors quickly became reality Thursday night during the Kanye West concert.

During opener N.E.R.D. (as a former marching band geek, I have a secret crush on fellow band geek Pharrell. He gives us all hope that one day we can be cool, too), the guys invited audience members on stage to dance and mosh to "Spaz." Sneaking in there from backstage was Chris Brown, who is accompanying girlfriend Rihanna on the Glow in the Dark tour. The pair also were spotted together in Miami on Wednesday. His dance moves clearly stood out from the Joe Schmoes on stage and you could feel the murmur in the audience as people pointed and said, "Is that ...?" It was a treat to see him dance and I wish he could have stayed out there all night.

Other highlights:
  • The eclectic range of fashion. There were guys wearing thick gold rope necklaces and shutter sunglasses, preppies in polo shirts and women in their hottest club gear, complete with sexy stilettos.
  • N.E.R.D.'s entire set. I could have gone home $82 poorer and perfectly happy. It felt like a rock concert more than a hip-hop show and Pharrell knows how to connect with the audience. (Kudos to Lupe Fiasco and Rihanna, as well. Lupe is definitely one to watch in the future.)
  • Kanye West's never-ending amount of energy. By the end of his second song, sweat was pouring off his face and he didn't slow down. It was amazing to look out at the arena and see every single person's hands in the audience bouncing to the beat of "Stronger."
Read a full review of the concert here.

Next up: Radiohead tonight. 

What did you guys think of last night's show?