Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plaza-Midwood bar makes national list

Esquire Magazine has named the best bars in America, and the only North Carolina watering hole to make the list is right here in Charlotte.

Thomas Street Tavern received a rating of 65 percent to make the cut. Here's what the men's magazine has to say about the Plaza-Midwood hangout:

"There are two bars, one inside among the endearing chaos and rickety wooden chairs, and one outside in the beer garden, where you'll also find the Ping-Pong tables."

Sounds about right to me.

Also making the list from the Carolinas is Moe's Crosstown Tavern in Charleston, with a rating of 77 percent.

As of Wednesday night, the bar with the highest ranking in the U.S. (users can rate the bars themselves, which changes the rankings) was The Earl in nearby Atlanta. In just a three hours' drive, you can be enjoying Guinness, live music and the bar's famous burgers.

But forget about best bars in America. What about in Charlotte? Is Thomas Street one of them? Name your top three in comments below.


Cowboy said...

Top three, in order.
Connolly's, Jackalopes, Thirsty Beaver ;-)

frank said...

Kudos to the Thomas Street Tavern. They have great food and good service. A bit smoky and stingy with the heat at times and they don’t take American Express are my only complaints. We patronize the place at least a few times a month.
Frank & Lucy

Anonymous said...

1. Jackalope Jack's - Great food, great service, great crowd. What more could you ask for?

2. Cedar Street Tavern - Great food and a place where "everybody knows your name."

3. This one is a toss up, but Tutto Mundo for music on Saturday nights.

Anonymous said...

1) moosehead bar and grill
2) angry ales
3) fairview

Dave said...

The Earl is awesome. Great location and great setup. The bar area is completely removed from the music area. The sound is impecable.

James said...

Thomas Street is definitely a good one. Qualifying a top 3 list is tough though, as there are so many different types of bars. You've got your uptown crowded bars, your neighborhood hole-in-the-wall bars, your sports bars, upscale bars, etc.

Anonymous said...

Unless I'm reading the list wrong, the top-rated bar's in Memphis, not Atlanta ...

Anonymous said...

Upon reading the list, you'll discover that the highest rated bar is not The Earl in Atlanta, but Ernestine & Hazel's in Memphis.

Pretending With Kate & Ashton Today said...

While I love Thomas Street Tavern, the recent revitalization of the Plaza-Midwood area makes it a bit too crowded for my taste. So, an even better place to check out (owned by the same family from what I understand) is Smokey Joe's Cafe on 7th, about a 5 minute drive from Thomas Street. Amazing place, outdoors they have sand with porch swings, fireplaces and a ping pong table! Indoors they have a working wood-burning stove, 2 pool tables, stage, foosball table and plenty of seating! Also, Scotty Whitman is probaly one of THE BEST bartenders in Charlotte! Go check him out and tell him Dawn sent ya!

Anonymous said...

Big props to Whitman, Thomas St. and Smokey Joe's. We used to hang at the southside Smokey's back in the day. Moosehead is now tops on our side of town. Uncle Donnie's blackened just took the wing title.

Scott & Paula Z

Eric said...

Thomas Street is a decent bar. Not a great one but decent. The food is typical bar slop.

Top ten in the city???? Yes.

Top ten in the country??? No Way!!

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that it gets really smoky, I always enjoy the Gin Mill.....rooftop bar, shuffleboard, darts, foosball.
some other favs- Ed's Tavern, Moosehead, Selwyn Pub.

Anonymous said...

Top three:

Sir Edmond Hailey's
Dilworth Neighborhood Bar and Grill
Jackalope Jack's on 7th

Honorable Mention:
Ed's Tavern

Anonymous said...

1. The Thirsty Beaver

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

It used to be Jack Mason's. That place ruled.

1) Gin Mill
2) Thomas Street
3) Philosopher's Stone
4) Ed's
5) Connolly's
6) Madison's
7) The Press Box
8) Moosehead
9) The Uptown Ballet
10) Jackalope Jack's

Anonymous said...

There are so many, but here are my "Top 10"...

1. Tutto Mondo
2. Ri-Ra
3. Cosmos
5. Jackelope's
6. Thomas Street Tavern
7. Solstice Tavern
8. Tavern on the Tracks
9. The Attic
10. Center City Alive after 5(not a bar but one of the best times you can have on a summer evening!)

Anonymous said...

Thomas Street is a best bar in Charlotte...if you are looking to buy cocaine or want to get hit on my creepy old men!

Anonymous said...

Dirty Den's on Central

Anonymous said...

I know this place is popular but I've never had a good time. The crowd seems unfriendly and snooty. But congrats !

Anonymous said...

Al Mike's in 4th ward

Anonymous said...

Montford Entertainment District (ClubMed)
-Angry Ales
-Press Box

-Sir Ed's Patio
-Selwyn Pub
-Jack's on 7th

original charlotte said...

if you are looking to score some blow then TStreet is an appropriate venue. It does have a nice deck though.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Street Tavern is okay, but in the top ten? Eh-h-h, that's stretching it a bit, I think. Top fifty, maybe.

And what about the Double Door Inn...a Charlotte institution since the mid-seventies? But maybe it's too real for all the phonies who hang at the hip/trendy places.

Anonymous said...


Adam Butler said...

Thirsty Beaver Saloon
The Gin Mill

Anonymous said...

I like 'the Loft 1523', still miss Cuvee'.

Anonymous said...

1. Ed's Tavern - cheap drinks, best crowd in Charlotte

2. Tyber Creek - $2 Guinness everyday, enough said

3. Angry Ale's - Great outside, $3 big ass cans

Sam Billingly said...

Thomas St. has a lot of sketch balls, rich folk, bitter service, and not much in between. I'm not sure what the top 3 bars in charlotte are, but here are the WORST 3 i can think of

1) corner pub
2) HOM
3) Cans

Tanya and Michael said...

Earlier post.. "Thomas Street is a decent bar. Not a great one but decent. The food is typical bar slop. "

So, the best vegetarian burrito in town is typical bar slop? Sounds like someone needs to order something other than burgers, fries and wings! Thomas Street has some great alternative options on their menu. You just have to try them!

Anonymous said...

Thomas Street is fun, and the food is good enough, but it might be the worst service in Charlotte.

GM of a bar in Charlotte said...

I agree on the fact that Thomas Street has the worst service in town. I've been there numerous times, had the bartenders look me in the eye, and then move on to one of the 5 regulars taking up the bar stools every night. If you are busy, at least acknowledge (wink, point, wave, head nod, etc) that you will try to get me a beer within the next 15 minutes. The patio makes that place one of the best bars in America. Cant say so for the bartenders.

John said...

Solstice Tavern

Philosopher's Stone

Cedar Street Tavern

Anonymous said...

Best Bar area: Plaza-Midwood
1. The Penguin (late at night when the families are gone) also has the best jukebox
2. The Thirsty Beaver
3. Snug Harbor I like the back patio area a lot in the summertime but it isn't as nice as Thomas St. but has less yuppies