Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random musings

I apologize for my lack of frequent posts lately. I've been traveling a lot this month and hope to get back on a regular posting schedule soon ... just as soon as I take another five-day weekend at the end of this month, suckers!

I have been getting out, though -- Nikko is still quite the hot spot (the wait for a table on Friday was an hour and a half), and may be even more popular after our restaurant critic gave it a stellar review. Press Wine/Food is my new favorite spot to share a bottle of wine with friends. I've found six great rooftop patios to enjoy the spring weather. I checked out Stir, a new live-music venue on Independence Boulevard. And I'm getting a sneak peek this week of Suite -- the latest EpiCentre venture, which opens to the public on Friday. Then there's that little festival called Food Lion Speed Street this weekend, so stay tuned for all that.

In the meantime, I leave you with some random reflections on the party scene.

  • Every time I walk into a bar or party, I get nervous right before I open the door. I have this fear that the record is going to scratch and the whole party will turn to look at me. I think it's because that deep down inside, I'm still a shy, awkward 13-year-old.

  • Don't ever try to order a Yuengling inside a loud bar. It'll just be an embarrassing back-and-forth exchange between you and the bartender until you write it down for him, except you won't be able to spell it without Googling it. Stick to lip-readable labels like Budweiser or Miller Lite. (Thanks for the tip, Jonathan.)

  • If there are complimentary appetizers at a party, you better not show up fashionably late if you want any. That stuff goes fast and rarely looks appetizing after it's been picked apart.

  • Guys, unless we're really inebriated, us girls are never going to think that stealthy dance move of approaching us unawares from behind is sexy. It's just creepy.

  • Isn't it funny how girls get dolled up in cute dresses and skimpy tops and then look disgusted when guys eye them? Ladies, let's be honest, we dress for attention when we go out, don't we?

  • Dropping your wine glass in the middle of a party (aka my Friday night) is really embarrassing. And no matter how much you protest, "It's only my second glass, I'm fine!" no one really believes you.

  • Table Restaurant at Ballantyne Village is closed. Did anyone other than the celebrities who stay at Ballantyne Resort eat there?


Anonymous said...

Wondered if you were ever coming back! BTW - check out 13 Stories at Speed Street - this Saturday, 4:30 on the Miller Lite Stage - great band out of Atlanta!

Anonymous said...

We ate at Table a while back to celebrate our friends' anniversary. The food and service were great, but if you've never been there before it was quite hard to find and parking was TERRIBLE. Not enough parking spaces for that shopping center. Horribly designed, though I'm sure most if not all of the retail in that center are good.

Anonymous said...

Why do people feel like they need to park right next to the restaurant? Can you not walk? Is it really difficult to park in the parking deck and take a short walk over to that side of the center?

Anonymous said...

I'm quite surprised that someone other than celebrities staying the the Ballantyne Resort actually dined at Table. Maybe Sarah should expand her horizons beyond Ruby Tuesday's