Thursday, June 5, 2008

South End nightclub closing

But only temporarily.

Sunset Club will close for renovations starting Saturday, according to a letter sent out to club members late last month.

Sunset's operating partner Sonny Gur tells me that the entire club will be revamped, from the furniture and bar, to the sound and lighting systems.

Gur said the club recently changed partnerships, and, after 11 years, "it's time for a new start."

The club is tentatively scheduled to reopen with a private party for members June 27, before opening to the public June 28.

Also this month, be on the lookout for another Gur project: KISS Lounge, opening on Woodlawn Road in the next two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Well, I hope Sunset comes up with a better idea for bar access and maybe friendlier staff also. A club @ Woodlawn, that almost sounds scary. But I'd like to see more places open that aren't in the uptown area.

Anonymous said...

That KISS place looks like it might be cool. I heard it is suppose to be like Mythos I think.

Anonymous said...

Sunset Club is waaaaay overrated as is. Hopefully they'll do something about that teensy bar area and everything else that's wrong with that place.

Anonymous said...

Where on Woodlawn is this place KISS?