Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update on Chima

Many of you have asked for a revised opening date for Chima.

The new Brazilian steakhouse on South Tryon will be firing up the grill Nov. 10, according to a press release I received today.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!! Can't wait for the opening of the best new restaurant in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

we are already all set for the new Opening Date...your schedule needs to be flexible for grand openings like this. Everyone call Simon and put your name down for this roasted meat fest.

Anonymous said...

It is important you set an itineary for yourself on that Monday. Personally, I am going to eat a light breakfast and that will probably be it until the meat extravaganza. The pictures of the parmesan pork loin are still dancing in my head. wow.

ugtbfkm said...

Another steakhouse.
In Spanish.

Are we world class yet?

Ronaldo said...

Brazilians speak Portugese. So I would say you are not world-class.

Be glad this is not another "upscale steakhouse concept" or whatever they're calling those copycat restaurants opening all over town.