Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fur coats and pomegranate martinis

I braved Wednesday night's frigid temperatures to hit a couple of early CIAA hot spots: the cocktail party at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse uptown and the Pop Life party at Prevue in NoDa.

It might as well have been the Saturday night of tournament week the way these places packed them in.

At Ruth's Chris, it was a maze of young professionals to get to the bar where pomegranate martinis were being served as fast as the bartenders could make them.

I met Paula Cropper, a Philadelphia native who has lived in Charlotte for 10 years, while fighting my way through the crowd. Cropper is a self-proclaimed party fanatic whose list of parties to hit this week rivaled my own. If I ever need to take a weekend off, I know who can fill in for me.

Cropper, an internal auditor at Wachovia, is so serious about CIAA parties and nightlife in general that she wears a solid gold party whistle whenever she's out.

Over at Pop Life at Prevue, I ran into Creative Loafing editor Carlton Hargro, who co-hosts the event with the Sol Kitchen's Mike Kitchen.

Pop Life was a NoDa staple last year before the guys decided to end it while it was still the go-to Wednesday night spot.

The guys brought it back this week for one night only during the tournament. It's a cool event. Artwork from God City decorated the walls, and DJs DR, Kitchen and Johnnie Davis spun Erykah Badu, Pete Rock -- everything but Top 40.

It was less of a banking crowd at Prevue and fur coats were the hot accessory. My favorite partyers of the night? Two guys in snow-white fur coats. I had my photo taken with them and the guy who took it called me a "snow bunny between two snow bunnies."

Sounds about right.

Check out my party pix here.


Anonymous said...

Sad that fur is making a comeback. Also, just because a drink is served in a martini glass doesn't make it a martini.

Anonymous said...

As I fur wearer, I am so happy it is making a comeback!

Anonymous said...

So is Michael Vick!

Anonymous said...

I really hope those are fake furs. I'm not sure who thinks it's cool to kill an animal only for fashion but they won't need the warm coat in hell.

Anonymous said...

I love to wear fur, it's my right to do so if I choose.

FurDiva said...

I like the way people will be even meaner to people indefense of animals, but do not have the conviction to stand behind their statements with the use of their real names.

My name really is Diva LeFur and I will wear fur as well!

In defense of the fine people choosing to wear furs while they party, perahps they only rented them?

I would not want to have to get a pompom martini out of white fur...ohlala..tres messy. You would need the professional fur cleaners
for that!