Saturday, February 9, 2008

Women rock the Milestone

The Charlotte Music Awards hosted a Women in Rock showcase at the Milestone on Saturday.

My friend and I got there in time to catch two of the five bands performing: The Vernaculars and the Lights, Fluorescent.

The Vernaculars, from Catawba College in Salisbury, played a mix of original alternative and rock songs.

The Lights, Fluorescent is a Charlotte-based indie rock band. They put on a great show and I was impressed to see lead singer Erika Blatnik (below) power through the band's set after suffering from a bout of the stomach flu earlier in the day.

A note about the Milestone: I get that it's an underground music club and the graffiti that covers every open spot on the walls and ceilings is part of the club's schtick, but ... shocking, I know ... it's just not my type of place.

Between the cigarette smoke that lingers in the air beneath the low ceilings and the amps turned up to the max, that place takes years off my life every time I go. My ears are still ringing 24 hours later. Does that make me an old fuddy duddy?

However, the Milestone is the first bar I've heard of to serve a drink that tastes exactly like a tootsie roll (chocolate vodka and sprite). Yummy.

My favorite live-music venue in Charlotte is the Visulite. What are some of your favorite places?


Anonymous said...

This will definitely show how old I am, but who cares? My favorite spots in Charlotte were Jeremiah's and Rocky's, two rock clubs from long ago on Independence Boulevard before they made it a freeway. There was no better place for a rockin' girl like me to drool over all the guys with long hair, all trying to look like the members of Poison. Ah, the good old days!

MrAfternoon said...

The milestone is one of the best live music venues in charlotte-it has character, a great sound, and a truly diverse crowd.

A comment about the volume @ level at the club- Did you take the common-sense precaution and wear earplugs? If you forgot to bring a set, did you ask Neil "MF" Harper or one of the bartenders if they had a free pair(they almost always do...)If not, your room for complaining shrinks considerably!
Thanks for visiting a Charlotte landmark, and revamping a blog that was failing!

Anonymous said...

The Evening Muse in NoDa

It has a great ambiance, and Joe rocks the sound board. It's small and intimate, and always has great art work up on display.

Anonymous said...

Milestone sounds like crap and you do need plugs, but its a great place. Very suprising we have a joint like that in Charlotte.

Don't worry, if the developers get their way it will be torn down eventually.

Anonymous said...

The Milestone has a very rich musical history. It's an icon. I'd prefer it to Cans or any of the other "up"town joints any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Here Here for the Evening Muse!

Anonymous said...

I love the Milestone. Unlike most places in Charlotte, it actually has character. I also like Neighborhood Theatre for a big larger venue.

I agree with you on the cigarette smoke and do wish they'd go nonsmoking inside.

Anonymous said...

Milestone, Evening Muse, Visulite.....all are great places to see live music, Amos' is another. I do wish two things however. One, that these places ban smoking and two, that Charlotte get more indie bands to come through here!