Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday night hotspots

Looking for somewhere to nurse your case of the Mondays?

I hit a couple of uptown spots this week to see what the crowd was like at the beginning of the week.

First up: BoWIIing (Wii Bowling) League at Cans. I couldn't let my friends at Eye sponsor a party without me so I stopped in to try out the Wii craze for the first time (and yes, I am now hooked). Cans took a break from Wii during the football season, but they're back in the game, and this time Eye is participating. Monday was the first night, so it was slow -- but then again we didn't have to wait for a screen to open up and it was more casual than an official league night. Starting next week, two-person teams can enter for $10.

I had a thought while I was sipping my beer and waiting my turn to bowl -- if more bars start to do this (and it's quickly catching on), will traditional bowling alleys be put out of business? Is this our technological future? Luckily, the pins reset a lot faster on Wii than in real life, so I didn't have too long to get all existential on my fellow partygoers.

From Cans I went to Alley Cat for its first Service Industry Night (S.I.N.). It was also Crash Matt's (aka DJ Matt Bolick's) birthday -- which has turned into an annual bash eight years running. Great crowd for a Monday night, including all of your favorite bartenders and club owners from around town. Matt got the crowd going later in the night by joining band CrashBox on stage for Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues.

Starting next Monday, Alley Cat will also get in on the Wii sports trend. Just sign up when you get there and play on the 200-inch megascreen for free.

Now on to Wednesday. I'm taking nominations for where I should hang out (outside of uptown). Where's a great Wednesday night party that I'm missing? Any hidden gems out there?


Anonymous said...

I would like a bar , maybe a scottish bar, to throw real professional style darts ; I wouldlike to sip drambouie by the fireplace and tell my traveling stories; Maybe shoot a game of pool on slate tables and not as redneck joint ; Anyplace in town like this?

Anonymous said...

If you would like to get out of downtown, Hear music other than top 40 and techno. Come out to. Monday Night Mic Fights at The Graduate Plaza Midwood. We play underground hip hop and a little reggae. We showcase the regions best talent every Monday night.

Intelligent Hip Hop!!! Mc Battles. True Lyricists!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that The Forum is WACK on Saturdays!! I went on college night and it was really good, but Saturday was terrible! What a waste of money.

Anyways, why don't you do articles on good places to go for: karoake, etc. Pick a category and let people know good places to go for each one.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday night is media night at The Exceptionally Smoky Gin Mill.

Redneck said...

I would like someplace to go where no one thinks I'm interested in hearing their travelling stories.

Anonymous said...

You could travel far up North and hit Rusty Rudder :)