Friday, March 14, 2008

ACC partying off to slow start

The difference between the CIAA and the ACC:

During the CIAA, fans come for the parties, not the basketball.

During the ACC, fans come for the basketball, not the parties.

I found one (just one!) ACC party Thursday night and it. was. dead. By this point during CIAA weekend, I had already hit at least six rockin' parties.

Even the arena was quiet during the first half of the UNC-Florida State game.

So far the hottest spot seems to be the balcony at the top of Bobcats Arena overlooking College Street. That's where I'll be hanging out Saturday afternoon (before Rich and Bennett's bar crawl).

Is there an ACC party that I'm missing? And I'm not talking about sitting and staring at the big screen at Fox & Hound. Where are all the alums celebrating their big wins or mourning their upsets?


elliott said...

They're all squeezed in on the LIGHT RAIL, which we don't have in OHIO.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because the only people who can get tickets to the ACC Tournament are old and rich people, whose idea of a party is a glass of white wine on the veranda.

Or young and rich people who aren't really interested in a party unless it's on the golf course or at Morton's.

I'm a proud UNC alum who would love to see the games and attend a party or two afterward. But I don't have the money or
family/business connections necessary.

DFitz said...

I just wanted to tell that Grand Central is holding something on Sunday for the ACC fans. Last night to party!!!!! It opens at 9:00pm
I got the site so the peps can get in free:

Its every Sunday!

David McKnight said...

Hey, if things get a little slow on the party circuit between sessions of the ACC Tournament, you can always come up to Raleigh and kick up your heels with the MEAC fans before their three-year run in the Capital City comes to a close...

Anonymous said...

Because white people don't know a party if it slapped em on da back of da neck!

Show the CIAA some respect! We keep it real!