Saturday, March 1, 2008

CIAA Friday

The CIAA fans definitely know how to throw a good party.

At the Biz Markie and Friends party at Hom on Friday, the Smirnoff liquor was flowing freely and bottles of champagne were being carried around like Bud Lights.

If you didn’t have tickets, you were out of luck if you wanted to get in. The will-call line stretched from the door on 5th Street almost to Tryon Street, and people who weren’t on the coveted list were turned away at the door.

Biz Markie was spinning upstairs at Play, Hom’s nightclub, but if you didn’t get there when the party got started at 9, you missed your opportunity to see him. Play was so packed that Mike Kitchen, one of the party’s organizers, had to be escorted by security just to get to the DJ booth.

Downstairs at Liv, Hom’s lounge, the scene was a little less hectic. Partygoers grooved with room to spare to a mix of old and new school hip-hop, or chatted with friends at VIP tables filled with premium drinks.

And the style? Impeccable. This was not your plain button-downed crowd. For the guys, it was stylish blazers with lapel detailing, cashmere sweaters, chains and shades. For the ladies, sleek hairstyles, big jewelry and short, sexy, metallic dresses.

One last thing: I've got to hand it to the guys working the doors at Hom. They were dealing with a huge crowd of people who were anxious to get inside and get their money's worth (none of these parties were cheap this week). They handled things with patience, moved the line along quickly all while apologizing for the inconvenience. The security detail, the club's managers and the doormen were definitely going against the stereotype of pushy bouncers on a power trip. Well done, guys.


Anonymous said...

Try sleeping in your new $450k condo when HOM is pumping out the bass at 2:00 am.

The noise level is way above the legal limit and I might add that the manager is next up for being arrested whenever it gets too loud from now on.

Nice concept, cool establishment, they just need to turn the bass down a little bit. They have 386 neighbors towering above them. Some of which are not up every single Friday and Saturday at 2:00 am.

Glad to hear you had fun though.

Anonymous said...

My 1st question is when you bought the Condo did they disclose that there would be a night club in the building. If that is the case, as far as I am concerned that would buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

The night club is not in the building, it is next door. It wasn't there when I purchased pre construction 2 years ago. It wasn't even there opened when I first moved in.

Bottom line, it's not "let the buyer beware", it's "let the club owner and manager beware". They are way over the legal noise decibels and have already been fined numerous times and now have to go to court. From this time forward the manager in charge at the time of disturbance is going to be arrested on the spot per CMPD.

Like I said, it's a cool place, just turn it down a hair after 1:00 am and we will all get along just fine. I've actually only called the police one time in the four months I've lived there. But I am 20 floors above the club. Their are others who are calling weekly that are only 10 floors up. It's got to be unbearable at that close range.

The residents have the law on their side but they really don't want to use it. They are just asking the owners to turn it down a notch so we can all get along without involving the police and courts. So far, they have insulated one of the five skylights and that's about it. The music is just as loud and the patio door is wide open allowing the pounding bass to travel upward bouncing all over the condo buildings walls.

I don't know how else to describe it except for it's just plain rude and inconsiderate to be so blatantly obnoxious to your neighbors. Most of which frequent your establishment.

Some residents have gone as far as moving their bedrooms into another den type room that had half walls, renovating the half wall to become a full wall, adding doors. It's pretty insane if you ask me. Spending thousands of dollars on a brand new condo just so you can try to get some sort of sleep.

Bottom line, we are really glad the club is there. Believe me, we love that there is always more and more to do uptown ..... that's why we live here. You just can't bite the hand that feeds you. It doesn't make sense.