Saturday, March 1, 2008

Partying in the mid-day

The music from an uptown block party woke me from my party-induced slumbers.

No matter that people were partying until the wee hours the night before, it was a new day and there was a new set of places to see and be seen.

I decided to start at the block party at Rustic Martini and work my way south on Tryon and College streets.

Beyonce’s "Upgrade You" greeted me as I walked past a display of giant, shiny rims and a candy-apple red tricked-out convertible, courtesy of EW Customs.

I also caught the tail end of a fashion show featuring five lovely ladies in cocktail dresses, snapped a few photos and continued southward.

I found a mass of people at College and Trade streets, mingling and creating their own day party after the others at Buckhead Saloon and Blue restaurant had already let out.

I carefully picked my way through the crowd and found myself at the "3 in 1" day party at Madison’s and The Attic. Most people were hanging out on the Attic side of the complex, jamming in the middle of the day to DJ MC, champagne flutes in their hands.

If there’s one thing I learned this week, the party never ends.


Anonymous said...

What did you expect Sarah? You are not worthy of your job at the Observer. All week you highlighted pictures of celebs and parties promoted by people with bad reputations; i.e. R. Kelly, Adolph Shivers, etc. You failed to qualify your info and did not mention the credible celebs and worthwhile events for good causes; i.e. Regina Belle, the 100 Black Men, the Links, etc.