Monday, April 28, 2008

Children's Theatre: Adults only, please

The Children's Theatre at ImaginOn held its first adults-only party Saturday so the children of the '70s could reminisce about their favorite Saturday morning cartoon, "Schoolhouse Rock!"

The night started with beer, wine, pizza and a psychedelic costume contest -- always a lethal combination. Tie-dyed shirts peppered the crowd, as did a few pairs of platform shoes, go-go boots and one big afro.

Ron Chisolm, the director of "Schoolhouse Rock Live!" bravely donned a pair of snug white bell bottoms which he modeled on stage with a little rump shake before the show.

But the contest's awards (a $250 travel voucher on US Airways) went to Nicole, who had the above-mentioned afro, along with a colorful tunic, flared jeans and platform shoes. For the guys, the winner was "Engineer Dave," who dressed in a train conductor's uniform, complete with train whistle.

The show itself was a ton of good old-fashioned, wholesome fun and the crowd was definitely into it, going especially wild for "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here," "Just a Bill" and, of course, "Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?" (I think the alcohol served before the show had something to do with it. One woman in the row behind me fell out of her chair and said, "Alcohol should not be served at things like this.")

The show runs through May 4. Check out Observer theater critic Julie York Coppens' review here.