Monday, April 28, 2008

Off to the races

I've lived in Charlotte for more than three years now and had never attended one of the premiere social events of the season -- the Queen's Cup Steeplechase.

That all changed Saturday as I put on my prettiest sun dress and big (borrowed) hat and ventured down to Mineral Springs.

My mission: check out the spreads at as many tents as I could crash (and watch a few horse races).

Truth be told, I was exhausted after hitting five. That track is huge!

Here are the highlights:

Overheard on Member's Hill
: A woman, waving what I presumed to be a betting slip (is that legal?) and calling out, "Oh, bookie..."

Most laid-back tent
: TruGreen ChemLawn. It was a bring-your-own-cooler and build-your-own-sandwich kind of crowd who had clearly been drinking whatever was in said coolers since 10 a.m. Runner-up goes to the kid-friendly tent at Hart & Hickman Environmental Consultants which supplied buckets of Bojangles to its guests.

Best spread
: Chef Cory Haigler's at the Westin tent. Crab claws, jumbo shrimp, gazpacho shots, smoked salmon and beef tenderloin. Added bonuses: top-shelf liquor and a chocolate mousse bar. Needless to say, this is where I spent the majority of my afternoon.

: Miss Weddington, wearing her sash and crown on Member's Hill.

Best centerpiece
s: Any of the tents on Member's Hill. Brightly colored tablecloths in lime green, yellow and pink were accented with gorgeous bouquets of spring flowers.

Check out more of Jason Miczek's photos from the day here.


Anonymous said...

Sure would be nice to see a pic of you in your dress and hat!

Anonymous said...

I went in 2005, and it rained all day and the entire place turned into a pile of mud. Not too fun when you are stuck in your car most of the time.

I will second the request for a picture of Sarah at the races.

Anonymous said...

I had 5 friends going from Charlotte and offered to be the DD for them. I dropped them off and picked them up. Driving home through a DWI Checkpoint in Waxhaw I was held up 30 minutes and given a $100 ticket because my seatbelt was strapped across me under my shoulder blade instead of over it. That's your tax money at work Union County. Good Job Get the DD Officers. Great Decision Making.