Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is VIP all that?

Over the past three months in my party role, I’ve been able to sample many of Charlotte’s VIP areas.

Let’s call it one of the many perks of the job – or is it?

Have you ever noticed how it always looks like the people in VIP are looking enviously at the dance floor? It almost looks as though they are the ones who want to get into the main area of the club, not vice versa.

More often than not, VIP sections are crowded areas filled with people who are a little too concerned with whether other people are looking at them. Or it’s full of girls who have had one too many shots of Patron after being pulled up from the dance floor by high-rollers. (Hey, we’ve all been there – right, ladies?)

And then there are the charming additions of VIP areas within the VIP areas with pushy bouncers telling you to get on the other side of the rope in an already cramped room. (Really, Mr. Man in Black Shirt? Because I was already claustrophobic.)

Any time I find myself in VIP, I’m thinking about how quickly I can get back out among the "regular folk."

After all, there’s nothing like being in the center of the dance floor, arms raised, the music pulsing and the entire room jumping to the beat.

You just can’t find that in VIP.


Clayj said...

VIP = Very Insecure Person.

Seriously, why would you want to go out in public and then purposely isolate yourself from everyone else? VIP sections seem to encourage an "envy me" attitude among those that pay for them: "I want you to see me and admire me from a distance, but I don't want to meet you or talk to you because I am more important than you are."

A place where things are to be looked at, and that's all, is called a museum. If people want to be treated like moldy old statues, I guess that's their business. But I'd much rather mingle with everyone else and meet interesting people than lock myself in a gilded cage.

Anonymous said...

ugh, i really can't stand you...and this post just sealed the deal...i'm done reading this junk.

Anonymous said...

I agree. VIP is only so you can be seen walking in/out. And you will see the VIP's walking in /out all night long just so they can be seen. The VIP sections have visited were boring and usually filled with a bunch of wannabe's.

Anonymous said...

These exist to cater to people's sense of self importance. Nothing else.

I'm all that said...

I love being in VIP sections.

There is nothing better than having access to VIP and hearing people gasp in jealousy as I walk in. Girls throw themselves at me to get a chance at VIP access.

I enjoy looking out at the dance floor and seeing everyone looking at me.

You wish you were me.

Cato said...

I'll save everyone the trouble. Here's a synopsis of pretty much every club VIP section you'll ever go to:

Anonymous said...

The VIP sections are full of people who went to community college, so I would imagine it isn't very interesting other than seeing who spent their paycheck from Foot Locker on the lamest Ed Hardy shirt.