Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Party with the Bobcats

The Bobcats' 2007-08 season is coming to a close and on Tuesday the guys thanked their season-ticket holders with an end-of-season party.

A live band, air-hockey and foosball tables, pop-a-shot nets and other games lined the concourse at Charlotte Bobcats Arena.

Bob Johnson and many of the players mingled with fans, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

I took the off-the-court opportunity to ask the players where they like to party on their off days.

Jared Dudley said he frequents Forum and Hom. Ditto for Sean May, though he added cryptically that his favorite hangout, "used to be Phil's (Deli)." He also said he likes Loft 1523.

I was momentarily blinded by the dime-sized diamonds in Jason Richardson's ears. I tuned in long enough to hear him say that he hasn't been out too much since coming to Charlotte, but he likes NV Lounge in Cornelius.

Nazr Mohammed and Derek Anderson like to stay in, while the newest Bobcat Earl Boykins is still learning his way around town. Boykins said he hasn't been out to party yet, but he's already got his favorite restaurants: Carrabba's on South Boulevard ("I love Italian food," he explained.) and McCormick and Schmick's uptown.

It was the second year for the end-of-season party and about 1,000 showed up out of the Bobcats' 7,400 season ticketholders.


Sean M. said...

I also like McIntosh's, Sullivans, Mortons, Capital Grille, Del Frisco, Outback, Olive Garden, any Chinese restaurant, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and McDonald's

Anonymous said...

Sean May also went on to say "mmm I mmm Like mmm all mmm food"

At least that's what I think he said he was busy eating a cheeseburger or 10.

Anonymous said...

1,000 people. Are you kidding me? 325 max. Where was Michael? Sam Vincent? I did appreciate the players being there, but I've come to expect very, very little about of the Bobcats organization at any function or game.

Anonymous said...

Are u crazy? They constantly over-hype all things "uptown".

Anonymous said...

325?!?! I'd say no more than 200 tops!