Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beastie Boys win the popular vote

The Get Out and Vote Tour stopped in Charlotte on Monday and rocked Amos' Southend.

Singer Santogold got the sell-out crowd energized and Sheryl Crow performed some of her newer songs as well as some old favorites.

But it was clear the crowd was there to see the Beastie Boys. I'd say the majority of the audience was white men in their late 20s to mid-30s wearing either hoodies or old concert T-shirts, tolerating Crow's mellow form of rock until Mike D took the mic.

The tour, which moves on to Richmond today, includes stops in swing states that are playing crucial roles in the upcoming election, including Ohio and Wisconsin.

The performers all made a point to remind the crowd to register to vote and to vote early. Rock the Vote reps were also parked at the venue, registration forms in hand.

For a full review, click here.

Now my one gripe about Amos': It was cool to see such big names play a venue like Amos' but every time I go see a show there, I find myself coming home with a sore neck from straining it to see the stage all night. Unless you get there as soon as the doors open and find a spot either near the stage or along the upstairs balcony, your view is toast since the floor is flat all the way to the back. I much prefer the view at the similarly sized Visulite or Neighborhood Theater where the floor slopes toward the stage, ensuring a decent view from the back.