Monday, October 20, 2008

Honeys, this isn't your Grandma's bingo

Gay Bingo made a triumphant return to Charlotte on Saturday with a sell-out crowd of more than 2,100 people -- its largest turnout yet.

The fundraiser for Carolina RAIN (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network) has been on a two-year hiatus after six years of daubers, saucy humor and draq queens helped raise $700,000 for RAIN.

Organizers' fundraising goal for Saturday night's "Shelita and the City" was $100,000 and they came in just under that at $95,000, RAIN spokesman Nathan Smith said.

It was my first Gay Bingo experience and no one could prepare me for host(ess) Shelita Hamm's biting wit. Some of her best lines included, "Yes, you in the spring print. Hello, it's autumn," and "You're from SouthPark? You obviously didn't get that sweater from SouthPark," and likening one unfortunate bingo player's hair to a big brown football. (S/he was right.)

Note to future gay bingo attendees: You better not cry bingo wolf unless you want to be publicly humiliated by Miss Shelita -- although she made it awfully hard to keep up as she called out the bingo numbers in rapid-fire succession.

Luckily the BVDs (Bingo Verifying Divas) were on hand to give the crowd (about 70% gay and 30% straight) a break with a few dance numbers to the tune of "Man, I Feel Like a Woman," "Thriller" and Fergie's "Glamorous."

It was quite the production -- part comedy routine, part musical, part fundraiser, and yes, part bingo.

I'm marking my calendar for next year.


Anonymous said...

You forgot - part "snooze-fest" as the "gay" bingo players certainly looked bored in the top picture. Guess the lifestyle isn't all happy all the time...

Anonymous said...

They aren't bored you homophobe freak, they are checking their bingo cards. The game moves fast.

Anonymous said...

I <3 you anonymous #2^

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2 - Hate much? Nice way to label someone who has an opinion with which you disagree. If they were playing the numbers, then why are the stampers/markers not in their hands?

Anonymous said...

Who the heck cares!!!!

Billy said...

Bingo was fun. When you're 5 years old. And from what I gather, it gets fun again when you turn about 80 years old. I happen to be heterosexual, but have no issues with homosexuals. But seriously, Bingo is pretty lame.

Anonymous said...

Yes, gay bingo is a comedy all right!
And an outrage to God!

Anonymous said...

Gay bingo??!!
Give me a break!
Are these guys so phobic that they can't go out in public and play bingo with others? They have to have their pown special bingo game? Or is it just another gay pickup spot?
Get a life - you gotta live in the real world and not hide in your little cave or closet with your "own kind".
Gay's whole attitude is so, well, gay. Not to mention stupid and disgusting and against God and the Bible. Ever hear of Sodom and Gommorah? They'll go to hell. The Bible is clear on that.
Fools!! How gross!!
And I'm not a homophobe - I just think they are disgusting! Period.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:22PM, if we *are* going to Hell, all of you who judge others be sure to save us a good seat up front.

Seriously, it's a charity fundraiser. If you have no interest in gay issues what are you doing bothering to read this article? I've been to gay bingo many times and it's always a great show, plus you can win great prizes AND donate to a worthwhile charity at the same time. As for hiding in our own little world, with a 70/30% gay/straight attendance, it sounds less like we're hiding and more like you guys realize how lame YOUR fundraisers are so you have to come to ours.

countryboy28210 said...

To the anonymous backwood idiot - You are probably one of those "christians" who has 2.3 children, a wife and in-laws that wishes nothing more than to be hanging out with his "best bud" doing more than just hanging out.

You people kill me quoting the bible - condemning people that are different than you with stories that are meant to express love rather than hatred and ignorance. I see more love in the gay community than I ever have in the straight community - you could learn something.

Oh doesn't the bible say something about judgement - just a thought.

Anonymous said...

For all the judgmental hypocrites making comments about condemning gays to hell. Regarding "Gay Bingo". The attendance was probably more than 50% straight folks that realized what a great charity fund raiser this is.
It was put on by all volunteers, gay and straight. Was sponsored by major(and Minor) corporations and religious organizations -- oh and even a Baptist Church!!.

Sodom and Gomorrah? hardly. This room was full of love and charity to support a FAITH BASED organization that has provided education to prevent AIDS and support for those that have received HIV.
Also educate yourself. HIV is not a "Gay" issue. It is in the gay community as it is in other communities.

Besides, those of us involved with "Gay Bingo" are doing Gods work. HIS spirit was certainly in that room with 2200 people that night.

It wasn't Just about the money raised, it was about the love shared, the feeling of community shared and it was fun. So lighten us. God leads us down different paths for a reason.

You feel you do Gods work in your way, we do Gods work in our way.

But for God's sake, it's not your place to Judge us..

If you let the author know who you are, we'll make sure you get a front row ticket next year.

Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the first comment. This reporter chose a picture which was inconsistent with her story. The people in the first picture look totally bored. They were not playing bingo when the picture was taken, or else they would be holding the markers/stamps. It was not a picture that conveyed any of the content of the story.

But, it was very interesting how I was immediately labeled all sorts of things by a supposedly "loving and caring" segment of society. I just made the comment that the gay lifestyle, from this picture, did not convey anything gay or happy. Why is that so offensive? Why are you all so angry and hateful and intolerant of differing opinions? Why are you trying to censure those who disagree with you? So you raise money for a cause, there are hundreds of them annually here in Charlotte - it doesn't justify your hate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous OCTOBER 20, 2008 4:19 PM,

There is no God you fool. Religion is a farce.

There are many religions that follow exactly the same story as Christianity. But guess what ? they happened before your supposed Christ walked the Earth. Mithra is just one of the Pagan Gods who's story is the same as Jesus.

Do some research for yourself. You will soon find out that there's nothing after death, there is no God and the longer you people believe in this crap the longer we will be at risk of destroying the world over your stupid ideologies.

Here's a good starting point:

Bing Bob said...

It's certainly very hip and progressive to feature a LGBT festivity, but bingo is what it is and that's sorta lame.