Monday, October 27, 2008

X-rated urinals out at Sunset Club

Guys will no longer get a peep show when they use the restroom at The Sunset Club.

Co-owner Sonny Gur told me Friday that the club has gotten rid of the urinals that have caused a stir since the club reopened last month after extensive renovations.

Some had called for a boycott of the club while others dismissed the urinals as bathroom humor or works of art.

Gur declined to comment on the club's reasons behind the change and declined to say when the change was made.


Cedar Posts said...

I'm glad to see you left out the graphic details of the graphic detail.

Seriously it was a dumb idea.

Anonymous said...

Bathroom humor? More like a textbook pager from at the school of gynecology.
Glad they got a brain...or fear of less customers.

Anonymous said...

This is why everyone who visits Charlotte thinks it is a boring dive of a town. It its !

It's a guys bathroom at a night club, get over it people. You are not as important as you think you are. Lose the "Paris Hilton" attitudes you bunch of whiney beOtches.

Anonymous said...

People- you seriously have issues if the only thing you worry about are the urinals at the Sunset Club. There are so many closed-minded people in this city! You really wouldn't go to a club because of the urinals!!!!!! Wow!!