Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A new (aromatic) cocktail trend

First sweet-tea flavored vodka and now hickory smoked cocktails?

That's the trend that's catching on in big cities like New York, according to Trendcentral.

"Mixologists around the country are using flame to smoke various ingredients (and even glasses) to give their cocktails a whole new dimension of flavor," Trendcentral reports.

Some of the most popular NYC smoked drinks include The Waylon, a bourbon and smoked Coke, and a Hickory Smoked Bloody Mary, made with vodka, bourbon and Bloody Mary mix, then rimmed with honey and hickory seasoning.

Has anyone tried such a drink? If not, would you?


Anonymous said...

see Stefan at Cosmos Cafe. He is in the know about classic cocktails and all the crazy new cocktails