Friday, June 19, 2009

Forum updates its Roof Garden

It was one of my favorite rooftop hangouts already, but Forum has made some improvements to its Roof Garden and will unveil the new look this weekend -- just in time for Sunday's Summer Solstice.

The club has added new greenery, upgraded its lighting and changed the color scheme. Check out the new look with me on Saturday night. Rain isn't in the forecast, so no excuses.

DJ Ben Hamilton will be spinning sultry Miami-inspired house music with a live percussionist, and bartenders will be serving up Brazilian caipirinhas.

The party is open to the public after 11 p.m. Hope to see some of you guys there!


Anonymous said...

Are there actually going to be young people there (21-30 years old)? Last time I went to the Forum on a Saturday night it was lame. It was pretty dead and there were a bunch of old people and some ghetto people... what is up with this city???

Anonymous said...

Miami-inspired house music! Wow that's rad!

Anonymous said...

$10 cover just to sit on the roof? No.