Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free summer concert series coming to EpiCentre

The EpiCentre is offering its own economic stimulus package in the form of a free summer concert series every Saturday starting June 13.

Josh Kelley and Ryan Cabrera will kick things off at the Pavilion next week at 7 p.m.

The series -- in conjunction with Full House Productions and Kiss 95.1 -- is a way of thanking Charlotte for its support, said Bob Durkin of BMG, which runs much of the entertainment venues at the uptown complex.

"With this economy being what it is and with all the good things that have happened at the EpiCentre, it's really perfect timing to thank everybody for embracing (us)," he told me Tuesday.

The series will run for 10 weeks and will feature such national recording artists as Tinted Windows, Vanessa Carlton and Kevin Rudolf.

"People just do not want to pay $50 to see a show in these or any economic times," Thom Perez of Full House Productions said in a news release. "And now they don't have to."

Concertgoers will also get free admission to Suite, BlackFinn, StrikeCity and Whisky River when they show their wristbands.

A limited number of VIP Access Passes will be given out over the air on Kiss 95.1.


...to REAL to ever be FAKE... said...

This is AMAZING news. Very cool. Tinted Windows are awesome...

C Harris said...

This is a great idea. Too bad it is at the epicenter. Oh well guess i will just stick to paying to see bands.

Anonymous said...

What's the full lineup?

Sarah Aarthun said...

Full lineup hasn't been released yet. You can go to www.pavilionatepicentre.com and click on happenings for the latest.

Anonymous said...

Finally, an article from Aarthun that's actually useful.


This should be fun, I'll have to head down and check it out.

Anonymous said...

I think I will continue to support the real music venues in Charlotte since nobody else around here seems to! Pay the ticket price/cover charge at Tremont, Amos, and the new Fillmore so bands will actually want to play in Charlotte. The music scene here is terrible even though there are a lot of very talented bands/musicians.

Anonymous said...

This great news. Tinted Windows do rock. I can't wait to see what other performers get on the line up!

Anonymous said...

Good idea to have free music acts there. Too bad its at the Epicenter. And if you think you're getting free admission to ANY venue at the Epicenter for attending a free event on a Saturday, be sure to tell everyone in your dream world how much you enjoyed yourself because that is the only place that is going to happen.

Mary said...

Great! Thank you EpiCentre.

Anonymous said...

wonder if they will have any bands that people have actually heard of

Anonymous said...

Wow, some people will complain about anything.

...to REAL to ever be FAKE... said...

You haven't heard of Tinted Windows or Vanessa Carlton??
Go visit iTunes buddy.

Anonymous...I agree with you.
People SHOULD and do need to pay the normally SMALL price to go see the local bands at Tremont, Amos', THE EVENING MUSE (best venue in Charlotte... www.eveningmuse.com).


However, that said...it's also a nice treat that some national acts are coming to the Epicentre and we can go see them for free. (I wonder how long that will last)

It's all about balance.
Support your local scene.
There are actually some REALLY good local bands in the Charlotte area.

Just a few to check out:

This band just got back home (Charlotte) from spending a month overseas in the Middle East playing for the troops.
They are having a big welcome back show tomorrow night at Amos'.
Go check them out:


You've got to get out to see this duo. They are very interesting and entertaining. One member plays drums and keys...at the SAME TIME! And the other piddles with different instruments too.
They play in Charlotte a good bit also.

Anonymous said...

The concert will be free, but you will partly pay for the show by purchasing the typical $4-5 beers that there and everywhere else in the Epicentre has now. It's gotten ridiculous.

My friends and I have made a solemn promise to stay away from Epicentre all summer and frequent the local bars on the outskirts, not only to save us dough but to help out the locals in this dire economy.

ABC said...

Love "Tinted Windows" !

Margie said...

Thank you SO much for putting on this concert! I just moved to Charlotte a few months ago, am twenty four, and have been trying to find something fun and inexpensive to do..I am SO excited to see Ryan Cabrera!

Liz said...

is this an 18 and up event or do you have to be 21 to go to the free series? Also, how exactly does it work? You just show up and get in free thats all?