Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update on Therapy

After closing in February for an extensive expansion and remodel, Therapy is set to reopen this month.

The martini bar-restaurant's reopening is set for June 10, which is an invite-only party to meet the case of Phantom of the Opera. (Sign up here.) 

The official grand reopening party will be held June 12.


Anonymous said...

YES, finally!! I think it's the best martini place Charlotte has, hands down. They are well worth the price and not watered down or boring like those other folks. The website doesn't state the martini night specials anymore, so I hope they still do have half martini Weds!

Anonymous said...

Thank FSM that Therapy is re-opening.

bk1870 said...

YES we will still have half martini wed! The grand opening is now June 18th.