Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Therapy's new look

Therapy Cafe reopened last week and its bigger look now matches its famous double martinis.

The new Therapy is easily triple the size of its original location -- it and Rock Bottom are now the only businesses along the block of Tryon from Seventh to Eighth streets after Therapy took over spaces that previously housed an art gallery and Lola's.

The new look is spacious and modern, yet cozy. The deep reds and browns have been replaced with cool blues and greens and lots of candlelight. Seating includes a mix of big booths and hightop tables and ample seating at the long main bar. A private room is also available to rent for receptions, business meetings and parties.

Much like the bar, the menu has expanded, too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are now served, and the fare goes beyond sandwiches thanks to the full kitchen chefs have to work with (left over from Lola's).

Owner Jason Stone has incorporated food into the new menu that comes fresh from his local organic farm. Entrees include pasta pomodoro, smothered pork chops, shrimp and grits, and a New York strip ($12-$21).

The only thing that hasn't changed is the martini lineup -- and those are still half-price on Wednesday nights (normally $12), the bar's most popular night.


ann said...

i cant wait to check it out...although the martinis used to be $10! oh well, still excited...i hope the food is good!

Anonymous said...

$12 milkshakes...awesome bargain

Anonymous said...

I hope this doesnt hurt business at the new miami inspired pool party at ballantyne!!!!

C Harris said...

For reals bro, me and my boo will be there

Anonymous said...

There's a miami-inspired pool party in Ballantyne? Oh wow. Let's rush to a poorly designed far-flung suburb to feel hip.

Anonymous said...

Here's everything you need to know about martinis:

1. They contain gin.
2. They don't contain vodka.
3. They taste like battery acid.
4. Only people who don't know 1 and 2, and are so desperate to appear trendy that they choke their way through 3, pay $12 for one.

Anonymous said...

Well, on Wednesday's, apparently they will only pay 6 bucks for one ;)

Sounds like a great deal to me.

SM said...

I'm excited to check it out. I just hope it hasn't lost it's cute/cozy feel by expanding. I actually likes the cool blues and greens. Oh well, as long as they haven't changed their recipe for their Spinich Artichoke dip, I'm happy.

jrguy said...

Went there last Saturday and was very unimpressed. The service was horrible (our waitress was no where to be found on sevral occasions, to the point where the manager had to look for her and had to fill in for her, eventhough the bar was dead @ 11:00). Also, for them to spend $ to double the size and feature food on the menu, the kitchen closes @ 11:00pm! And that's even on Saturday nights! The only food options are some tortilla chips, olives, and other "snack" items. And the "double martinis" they used to serve now come in a regular size martini glasses. Seems like false advertising to me! Who wants to pay $12 for a regular sized Martini? Look for them to be the latest uptown "hot spot" to close!

Anonymous said...

Well the old Therapy had major issues with horrible service. Seemingly continually stoned and or lazy servers. Over an hour for drink and food orders. That is one change I hoped had happened for the better.